My career as an independent artist began at age 6, when I produced a hand-drawn pictorial history of the Holocaust for my first grade show-and-tell.  This piece quickly earned a great deal of attention and sparked animated discussion.

In 1994 I began working in film production in New York City and Cleveland.  I wrote, produced and directed a comic short subject film, titled Him!, in 1996. The short screened at London’s prestigious British Short Film Festival, as well as many other domestic and international film festivals, and it went on to win the Cleveland International Film Festival’s award for Best Ohio Short Film. 

In 2000, I served as Executive Development Coordinator for Quills Executive Producer Sandra Schulberg. 

In 2002, I completed my feature directorial debut with The Devil’s Filmmaker: BOHICA, a darkly comic mockumentary about independent film production. BOHICA was acquired and released to home video in 2004. 

From 2001 to 2008 I ran a Final Cut Pro consulting business; I have worked as a feature film and video editor as well as a Final Cut Pro technical consultant, and in 2008, was proud to have contributed my skills to Obama for America as an editor in the campaign's Chicago New Media headquarters. 

I am currently promoting my debut novel, Drip: A Gothic Bromance, which I adapted from my original screenplay.

Short Film  

Client/Project List
Obama for America (Volunteer new media editing)
Drip (novel)
The Devil's Filmmaker: BOHICA (feature)
Beach Entertainment (post-production services)
Him! (short subject)
Act Like a Man (feature development)
The Farkits: A TV Family (feature development)
The Conversion of Paul (feature development)  

Best Ohio Short Film - 1997
Rochester International Film Festival-Movies on a Shoestring Plackard - 1997
Film Budgeting Award - Cleveland Film Society - 1999