Trailer Illustrations by Peter Wonsowski Part-III

How Peter's drawings came to be part of my book trailer (continued)...

I didn't want to shelve the art, and I figured perhaps I could create a graphic novel or storybook into which to incorporate the drawings.  I set pen to paper and began adapting the screenplay, but what quickly became clear to me was that the story was so tight plot-wise that there wasn't much that could be truncated or omitted; if anything, an adaptation called for expanding on the characters and settings.  Over the course of three years, as time allowed, Drip the screenplay became Drip: A Gothic Bromance.  The novel format did not really suitably accomodate Peter's art, and for a second time I faced the disappointment of not being able to show it around.

 Self publication, as I quickly learned, involves a lot more than uploading a book to Nook or Amazon.  "Self marketing" is probably a more accurate word for what the role entails, and one such promotional requirement is to create a book trailer.  I had the hardware and editorial skill set to put one together but needed to figure out what to do for raw content.  After about five seconds of my puzzling over this, the light-bulb went on.

 It felt really great to have Peter's blessing for the trailer, and now it feels great to see his illustrations for Drip getting out to the world.